Appeals Committee

Appealing Grants Administration

The National Research Funding Guidelines provides for an appeals process against grants administrative issues to ensure fairness.

An appeal will be considered only when there is evidence of administrative flaws in the review process. Appeals based on grounds of scientific arguments and rebuttals will not be considered. Procedural flaws refer to the improper handling or processing of the application(s) that deviates from the practices.

A complaint or an enquiry about a decision does not constitute an appeal.

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Appeals Committee

The Appeal Process

Step 1: Submission of an appeal

The appeal must be submitted in writing, substantiating the alleged administrative flaw(s) to the Fund Management within 30 days after the issuance date of the decision.

Step 2: Conducting of an appeal

The Fund Management will constitute an Ad-hoc committee to review the alleged flaw(s) and submit its findings, within 14 working days upon receipt of the written appeal.

Step 3: Board of Trustees review

The Technical Committee of the Board of Trustees will evaluate Management ad-hoc committee report and advise on the course of action. The Board of Trustee decision will be final.