Call for Manuscripts for a Special Issue in tribute to Professor Laban A. Ogallo

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Call for Manuscripts for a Special Issue in tribute to Professor Laban A. Ogallo

Journal of Climate Change and Sustainability (JCCS)

Ogallo Laban Ayieko

The Editorial Board of the Journal of Climate Change and Sustainability (JCCS), is calling for submissions of manuscripts on weather forecasting, climatology, and climate variability and changeover Africa for possible publication in a special edition honoring Prof. Laban A. Ogallo. The special issue will be published in November 2021.

Prof. Ogallo, a pioneer in meteorological education and research in the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA) and Africa at large, passed away abruptly on Friday 19 November 2020, following a short illness.

During his career, Prof Ogallo promoted the science of meteorology through research and training mainly on the predictability potential of the seasonal rainfall over Eastern Africa. His research also entailed application of the science of meteorology in various socio-economic sectors indifferent parts of the GHA. Lately, he was involved in many projects on building resilience to climate change in the GHA.

Having started his profession in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Nairobi in the 1970s, he rose through academic ranks at the University to full Professor of Meteorology. During his service while in and out of the Department, Prof. Ogallo guided many undergraduate and postgraduate students mainly through research supervision.

Prof Ogallo provided the much needed impetus in the transformation of what was then the WMO Drought Monitoring Centre, Nairobi (DMCN) Project for Eastern Africa into the IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC) that serves the entire GHA with climate prediction services. As an active member of the Kenya Meteorological Society (KMS), he was the founding editor of the Journal of the African Meteorological Society (SMA), which was a precursor to the current Journal of Meteorology and Related Sciences, a sister journal to the Journal of Climate Change and Sustainability (JCCS).

In memory of his exceptional service to the meteorology fraternity, the Kenya Meteorological Society through JCCS is planning to release this special issue in his honor.

Call for Manuscripts for a Special Issue in tribute to Professor Laban A. Ogallo

Submission and Publication Charges

For more information, write to the Editorial Board;

  • The lead editor for this special edition is Victor Ongoma, PhD (
  • The Editor-in-Chief is Dr. Franklin Opijah (

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