Our ethos & core values

We strive to provide exemplary standards in contemporary dentistry at our centres of dental excellence thanks to levels of skills achieved by the team of dental professionals we have drawn together.

Post Graduate Projects

To build a critical mass of skilled human resources, the National Research Fund (NRF) will support Kenyan postgraduate students (PhD and MSc/MA) programmes competitively. Eligible research proposals must have been defended and approved by their respective Universities by the time of application.

Thematic Research Projects

Based on priority areas in Vision 2030 Medium Term Plans, NRF will allocate funds for competitive multi-disciplinary research and collaborations among Universities and research institutions. Kenyan researchers in both public and private institutions will be eligible to apply for these competitive grants.

Institutional Support Projects

NRF will be supporting the development of research capacities in the national priority areas of science, technology and innovation. Competitively, NRF will be providing financial support for the development of research facilities by universities and research institutions in the country.

Bilateral / Multilateral Projects

National Research Fund (NRF) will initiate strategic international partnerships with different countries and funding agencies to enhance technical cooperation in ST&I sector. Projects will be funded jointly in a matching grants model.


In recognition of critical role played by innovations in the country’s economic growth, NRF will be competitively supporting innovation projects geared towards nurturing creativity, job creation and improving the quality of life will be funded. Innovators with novel ideas and inventions will be eligible to apply.

Local and International Forums

In order to keep the Kenyan scientific community abreast with the latest global trends, the National Research Fund (NRF) will support participation by Kenyans in international scientific activities through maintaining membership to appropriate international science organizations globally.