Public Engagement in Research and Innovation for Development

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Science Granting Councils Initiative in Sub-Saharan Africa (SGCI)

Concept Note and Terms of Reference

The Science Granting Councils Initiative (SGCI) seeks to commission a stateoftheart paper on the theme: Public Engagement in Research and Innovation for Development.

Each year, the SGCI convenes Annual Forums (AFs) that bring together the Initiative’s participating Councils from 15 African countries1 and other key stakeholders around the world to deliberate and develop interventions in strategic areas of interest to the Councils and the wider science, technology and innovation (STI) community. To facilitate sharing of lessons and good practices, the SGCI commissions a stateoftheart paper on a topic of critical importance for the work of Africa’s Councils. The paper provides the basis for a Masterclass to be held during the Forum.

This document provides guidelines on the concept for a research paper to be commissioned on the above topic and s
erves to invite eligible and interested experts to apply for the authorship of the paper.